казино люксор слотс

By Steve Beauregard Nearly every curious visitor to Las Vegas makes it a point to visit the Luxor at some time during their stay.

If you’re like me, you have to go inside the Luxor just to satisfy your curiosity about what the inside of the Strip’s pyramid hotel and casino looks like.

While the Luxor is home to the world’s largest atrium, the casino itself is surprisingly intimate.

In other words, not all of the casino space is under an open, monstrous space stretching to the top of the pyramid.

The casino floor is attractive, hip, and well-designed, but not in an obstinate way.

It’s a casino that is modern, but where low-rollers like me will feel comfortable playing.

While it’s the second largest hotel in Las Vegas (behind the MGM Grand), the Luxor casino is much more relaxed than its giant green cousin to the north and east.

You’ll see more casual dress, and more kids here than at the fancier MGM Grand.

However blackjack and other table game minimums at the Luxor, are still $10 at night.

Depending on the day or time, you may be able to find a $5 dollar table, but it’s becoming increasingly rare at the Luxor.

Because Luxor is part of MGM Resorts, you can use your M-Life Players Card here.

In total, the Luxor has 120,000 square feet of casino space.